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  1. Stagnant since 1903, at an elevation of 2,744 m, a volcano erupts on Baekdu Mountain located on the Chinese-North Korean border. Armed with the threat of imminent eruptions, a team of uniquely trained professionals from South and North Korea unite. Together, they must join forces and attempt to prevent a catastrophic disaster threatening the Korean Peninsula
  2. Action, Drama
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  4. Actor: Byung-Hun Lee
  5. 7,2 / 10
  6. Runtime: 130 Minute

Ashfall free full text. Ashfall free full movie. Ashfall free full story. Ma'am malapit Lang po Pala kayo samin. Play Chapter seven of Ashfall is live! In which we have a little bit more smut (and probably more after this) before we get back to your regularly scheduled volcanic bull shit 🙌🌋 — @reylofic @thereylowritingden @reylofanficclub @housereysistance @house-crylo @houseswolo @houseplaidam @housedadam I don’t know whether I’m disgusted or disappointed that selfish people exist. Who in their right fucking mind would want raise the prices of goods/products that are severely needed by people who could potentially be in danger? This is the kind of shit that makes me feel disgusted/disappointed with my own people. C'mon, do you really have to take advantage of the situation just so you could earn money? Are you seriously creating a business out of this to gain profit? That shit’s just nasty. I’m glad this is being taken care of, but I hope those people learn that this is not something that should be taken advantage of nor something that should be used to gain profit for. Here’s the link to read the full article: To all my mutuals/followers/following who lives in the Philippines and are affected by the ash fall from Taal Volcano, I hope you guys stays safe! Ashfall by @Mike_Mullen It’s official, this blog is going to every other week (with the occasional bonus blog). Why? I have a job! I just don’t have the time to read an extra book a week AND figure out how to be a librarian in the real world. I’ll try to do as many as I can though! Anyway, growing up about four hours from Yellowstone, I remember learning that it’s basically a giant, dormant volcano. When I was nine I actually lost sleep on occasion because I was convinced that it would explode and render my home and family into tiny bits of ash. Mike Mullen has taken my childhood nightmare and made it into a book. Our hero, Alex, decided to stay home while his family heads off to visit his grandparents. The next thing he knows, there’s ash falling from the sky and coating everything in sight. Before long, chaos reigns, and the only thing Alex can think to do is to try to find his family. What was a four-hour drive becomes much longer when you’re just a kid with a bike. Tragedy brings out the best and the absolute worst in other people, and Alex has to do his best. In the vein of books like Life as We Knew It, Ashfall made me count my non-perishable food. Alex is smart and resourceful, and it’s great to see a boy character use his brain  to solve problems. He meets his match in Darla, and it’s nice to see them alternately work together and challenge each other in their struggle for survival. Overall, it’s a heartbreaking adventure, and I even lean towards hoping it makes its way into classes. There’s a lot of morality, ethics, and science here. That makes for more than a few good discussion topics. Highly recommended, but this isn’t a book for the sensitive children. Also, why are so many fictional boys named Alex? As far as dystopic trilogies go, Ashfall is so underrated, it makes me sad Ubusan ang mga face masks huhuhu dumaan akong Miniso at Watsons pero sold out na raw. Buti dumaan ako sa department store at nakuha yung last 2 face masks na hindi disposable. Mga tatlong beses din ako napuwing habang naglalakad pauwi sa unit huhuhu be safe, people! I never would have guessed that matches and lighters would be among the things I’d miss the most if civilization collapsed Ashen Winter (Ashfall #2) - Mike Mullin tbh it might already have a ship name but if it doesn’t, can we call chaol/aedion: ashfall??? that’s hella rad imho The bio dept of my university released this in light of the Taal exploding. Transcript: You must have already seen the impressive ash plume emitted by the Taal Volcano yesterday afternoon. Several advisories have already been released warning about the health impacts of the ashfall – and we hope you are taking all precautions and keeping safe indoors! On campus, our usually bright and green vegetation is covered by a thin layer of volcanic ash. This photo of a Bitaog (Calophyllum inophyllum) leaf was taken by Cherie Alfiler along the pedestrian walk from Gate 3. 5 today. The once glossy leaves are dull, dusted with a light sprinkling of volcanic ash. Ashfall not only affects human health, it also has implications on vegetation and other wildlife. Ash can cover the surface of leaves, minimizing photosynthesis. If the ashfall is heavy, the weight of the deposit can also physically damage the plants. In addition, volcanic ash can also affect water and soil chemistry, so imagine what ashfall can do to affected agricultural areas! Clister Pangantihon took samples from the 5th floor of the PLDT-CTC Building and looked at the ash under the microscope. You can see the hard and jagged edges of the particles, a mixture of rock fragments, glass, and other minerals. This should help us understand why even just a light deposit of ash can cause a lot of damage. Bees and other nectar feeding animals can accidentally ingest the ash along with pollen, and because their guts are thin, the ash particles can cause fatal lacerations. How has the ashfall been in your areas? Keep abreast of advisories and stay safe. Thanks Cherie and Clister for sharing your ashfall photos! Let’s all say a prayer for our affected countrymen and hope for the best! For information on how you can donate, check out #ashfall #tephra #taal #bitaog #philippinenativetrees #pyrocumulus #volcano #bulkan #urbanecology #campusbiodiversity #citizenscience #theateneowild @ Ateneo de Manila University A librarian can’t live by books alone, and I wouldn’t eat them if I could. Feel too much like cannibalism. Ashfall by Mike Mullin You all should read ASHFALL by Mike Mullin. i loved it and i guess its in the same category as gone. Since you guys love Gone  I recommend ASHFALL. Just in case this does become popular, External image I need to go back and reread ashfall omfg Ashfall: A hyperdense city created after a volcanic eruption which blocked out the sun, reducing air quality drastically and limiting the growth of plants. People constructed ways of purifying air and synthetically growing plants as a means of survival within their community. The city has little to no streets, only dark, often unmaintained halls that only get worse the farther you go towards the bottom-center of the city. Genetic engineering has become popular in tailoring children and mechanical prosthetics have become a fashion trend. Some people receive the butt-end of these self customizations and are pushed away as rejects, forced to live in the dark understories of the city. What exists of the story follows the characters belonging to me, Horus and a friend that goes by the name Vex;u ashfall was in the new season of spirit riding free I don’t know that sorry cuts it. ” She strode back to me, kicking through the snow. “As it happens, I only volunteered to be a camp prostitute. I didn’t have to go through with it. But so what if I had? So what if I’d screwed every motherless guard in that godforsaken camp? ” “I don’t-” “Would that have made me less of a woman in your mind? Less of a person? Just one of those girls, the easy ones, the ones the high-school cliques gossip about and call sluts? Is that the kind of boy you are, Alex? Is that the kind of man you want to be? Ashfall by Mike Mullin @nabesima moving this to a new post so as not to clog people’s dashes. Just to warn I kinda start to ramble after a while but… further thoughts on Ashfall and the weird ecological conundrum that is the scorched forest below. Your hatred of the canon map is shared. Working on a better one as we speak. I completely agree that Ashfall cannot possibly be 100% burning hell pit. Plus my Southern Hemisphere headcanon puts the place fairly close to the South Pole which means cold wet winters and mild dry summers. Also rain shadow effect from the mountains means a very wet, very green side of the wastes and a dryer more barren side that transitions nicely into the shifting expanse. re Northern California?  Moving back to scorched forest mess. Pine forests are a common thing since pines grow quickly and very well in cooler alpine situations and again volcanic soil doesn’t hurt either. What’s a natural part of a healthy pine forest ecosystem? The occasional forest fire of course. Fueled by fire magic and other bullshit, it helps rejuvenate the forest and keep things healthy. During a burn, all the lovely fire spirits and animals we see in the coli come out. Otherwise it’s mostly the nature and ice aligned creatures who also live in the area.  On to the centaurs. I’m saying the Wintermanes and company came over from the Southern Icefield perhaps via some sort of third age ice bridge which has since melted away (again thanks Flamecaller) once the effects of magical climate change became evident it was too late to move and they were boxed into their seasonally fiery home (by dragons, lava flows, what have you) just by how close they are one can surmise that black sand annex and the fortress of ends were once similar in climate meaning that it would’ve made sense for centaurs to migrate there in search of more livable conditions or fleeing enemies etc. headcannon that ashfall got his scar when he got into an argument with his mother and his mom slashed him in the face Ashfall External image This is seriously one of the best books that depict an apocalypse that I have read. One of the main reasons that I loved it so much was because it could happen. Any day. It could happen when we least expect it. Well, anything that involves some catastrophic environmental event. Ashfall shocked me in so many levels. A lot of that had to do with it just seemed so realistic in so many ways. How people will find it hard to find food, how some people will kill others in order to get food… Basically some people will lose their sense of humanity, which something terribly sad.  One of the scenes that really shocked me did not happen to Alex and Darla, the main characters. Alex and Darla help a mother and her three children because one of the children is terribly sick and has frostbite. During the night, the child dies and Alex is holding the child when it dies. In the morning, the mother wakes up and asks Alex if he is going to eat the child. Alex, horrified, says no. The mother then goes on to tell how in an attempt to reach a government refugee camp, her husband gets killed and gets eaten by people who were fighting for turf and food in a small town. I understand there must be some desperation of some sort when people go through when they have not eaten for several days or weeks. But to resort to cannibalism? I just find so horrifying and sad. Especially for that woman. I mean, she witnessed those people roasting her husband like an animal. It shocks me so much. I have even said I would want a zombie apocalypse because I think it would be fun. Of course, I have seen the movie Zombieland so many times and whenever I think zombie apocalypse, I think it would be like that. Of course, if an apocalypse were to occur, I would imagine it would be more like in Ashfall than in Zombieland.  Anyways, this book is extremely good and hard to put down. Yes, it is almost 500 pages, but honestly, you don’t even care it’s that long because you get into the story from page one.  My rating is 5/5 I’m re-re-reading the Ashfall series and fuck it’s so nice to read a book with a canon autistic character who isn’t used as a tragedy or a burden or something like that.  i love it.  OMG I love Alex….  Murdering bitches left and right while keeping up the adorably innocent “I’m a black belt” way of life.  tigil ka na hoy. :( Teaching Others An Ashfall universe Auriva story. Keep reading Nothing Worse Than Hope Lost Kinda aftermath of the mind trap incident. Keep reading Since a lot of people have shown concern over which book has the animal death, I thought I’d better post it. I’m really enjoying the series, so it didn’t ruin it for me. Just don’t get attached to the cat. Pretend she isn’t there. Anyway, it’s the Article 5 series by Kristen Simmons. The second book, “Breaking Point” has the cat in it. It is brief. Also, I LOVE the Ashfall series by Mike Mullin, but be prepared not to become attached to animals. It’s totally necessary to the plot, though. Darla’s damn rabbit in Ashfall has given me a nervous condition. Volcanic ashes from Taal Volcano. As of now (January 14, 2020), alert level 4 still raised. Some residents in affected areas especially near the danger zone evacuated. Hoping they were safe and sound! 01122020 # neshiee-writes I NEED TO SLEEP BECAUSE MIKE MULLIN WILL BE AT MY SCHOOL TOMORROW(today? ) AND I WANT TO BE AWAKE EVEN THOUGH HE WAS THERE LAST YEAR BUT I CAN’T MISS IT BECAUSE HE IS AN ACTUAL LEGIT AUTHOR! The Taal volcano ash column as seen from Puerto Galera. Photo Credit Blue hour and night timelapse of Taal Volcano eruption. Video Credit “Volcanic lightning happens when particles are ejected, they rub against each other and become electrically charged. Charged particles separate as the plume ascends. When charge separation becomes too great, lightning happens to connect the positive and negative charged particles. ” Book help! So, I recently finished reading Ash Fall by Mike Mullin (Which I LOVED) And have been trying to find the sequel Ashen Winter. I live in Australia, So I checked for the sequel but it says it has not been released yet. But on Barnes and Noble and Amazon it says it has been released. I also looked on goodreads and people have read it. I am dying to get my hands on this book but do not want to buy from BnN or Amazon (due to expensive shipping and long shipping time) and would like to know if it has been released and how can I get it?!?! sunfishdunes-deactivated2019010 said: Remember when I asked you if Ashfall would rip my heart out? I called you names for 100+ pages in Ashen Winter. But I've calmed down now. Sigh. Book three... LOL, I’m so sorry. I had to trick you like that because then you would have thrown the book across the room. Book three though…yes, we need this so much. You know what else we need? Fucking fanfiction.  Anybody read Ashfall by Mike Mullin? I’m a little more than halfway through, it’s fantastic so far, highly recommended Me: So when is AQ3D gonna get dark? Malthas: Soon we will have enough humans to establish a breeding stock… Malthas: …and we can begin culling the ones to be fed to the Great Fire Dragon as Tribute. Me: There it goes! Is there anyone in the Ashfall fandom. Can we just talk about how much I don’t like his mom?! the author of the book I’m reading (Ashfall) has been following me on twitter and out of some kind of weird obligation I picked up the book and it’s surprisingly good. Another AU idea for the Ashfall Squad / cocky little shits I’m growing really fond of… I had rambled about it to some of the guys earlier but wanted to put it here too so I don’t forget and so pancake can see it:D Keep reading She’s something else I’m reading ashen winter and I’m freaking the hell out because I can’t deal with all this uncertainty so every chapter that passes and the main character doesn’t look for my favorite character makes me want to scream Sorry for the late prompt! But I have this thing when I’m reading where it’s really hard for me to stop once I drop below 100 pages left. And guess what happened. So I kinda forgot and lost track of time etc. But I’m working on the next Conflict post, and it should be out sometime this week. So yay! BTW, if you are looking for a good post-apocalyptic type book that’s not zombies or plagues, I’d suggest the Ashfall series by Mike Mullin. I just finished the second book. It takes place after the supervolcano under Yellowstone erupts. It’s so good, but very raw…and highlights a lot of the less than savory traits of humanity. I know there’s a quote, but I can’t find it right now…that whole idea of when you write about the end of the world, what you’re really writing about is what’s worth saving. Alex is a great protagonist. He points out the ugliness, but he also points out what’s important to hang on to when literally the world crumbles. You should read it. I’m holding out for the paperback of the last book, so I won’t get to read it for a few months. But the first 2 books were great. ASHFALL in Vietnam Strange but wonderful news: the ASHFALL trilogy has sold in Vietnam. My Vietnamese publisher will be Hoa Hoc Tro. I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of being read in a language I don’t know and country I’ve never visited. Alex and Darla have created a new community of survivors of the volcanic eruption that caused catastrophic damage to the environment. In the aftermath of the violence that followed the disintegration of government and society, building a new community has been difficult work. Now, though, greenhouses are growing food, energy is being produced using wind and old batteries, and everyone has a job to perform. There are other communities, however, that are not run in a civil fashion. That places Alex, and all he holds dear, at risk. In this final book in the Ashfall trilogy, Alex and Speranta, his community named for the hope the residents still hold, must face the ultimate battle for survival. Readers who enjoy dystopian novels will gravitate toward this story of a world set in the not-too-distant future, where danger lurks everywhere. There is plenty of action and bloodshed in this final book in the trilogy. Betrayal, revenge, and suspicion, however, finally give way to the power of hope and love. —Teri Lesesne A review of SUNRISE by  Mike Mullin One of my favorite feelings in the world is finding that one line in a book that makes you feel so much at once - when you have to set down the book and ponder for a few moments and then write down the quote to save and cherish forever.


Hey this seems HELLA GOOD. Thanks for sharing, hope everyone is ok. Be safe. Ashfall free full site. 最有感的是李準平~~ 不相信人的感情 到最後因為感情(心愛的女兒)而選擇相信人 最後的犧牲太感人啦. Ashfall free fall. Apatosagittarius terrenus Stood about two feet tall. A type of hawk, but with very long feet and legs compared to modern hawks One of three bird species found at Ashfall that were new to science. Named for its resemblance to the modern Secretarybird, a large bird with an eagle-like body and crane-like legs that lives on grasslands in Africa and stalks its prey on foot, chasing in a zigzag pattern. Was not really related to the Secretarybird, but evolved similar characteristics due its similar grassland environment (evolutionary convergence). Apato means “false” and terrenus means “belonging to the ground”.

Ashfall free full episode. Ashfall free full moon. F&F263: Into a new Galaxy. 0:26 : That one angry Truckdriver when he gets honked at. Ashfall full movie online free. This disaster plus action movie is exciting from big disaster scene near the beginning to the very end. The effects are as good as any Western blockbuster and the battle sequences are exciting and well choreographed. The characters are funny and quite endearing. The story is more complex than expected with a good amount of humour and some political subplot involving nukes North South China and US. Good use of some big name Korean stars.
Worth a watch.

The music reminded me of Man of Steel. Worth watching. The plotline, special effect are perfect. This movie is box office in SK, Taiwan, china, hongkong. Another good movie from SK beside Parasite. Ashfall Free full review. Well. Its The End Of the World. ON indian there is a tsunami And Philippines Has A Volcano ERUPTION like Wtf. Question: What is the name of the movie where an Asian policeman says that he ALWAYS gets his man. And in the final fight scene, he dies - but before he does - he handcuffs himself to the leg of his suspect as police close in. Thanks SO MUCH. All things have been told that it would happen and its happening. 🌀🌊⚡ its in the Bible. Ashfall free falling.

Uníversal soldier toretto The movie Same sheet. Ashfall free full length. How can people who make trailers still spoil the whole movie. Theyve honestly done it for years and havent learned. Started off at a slow pace but that's because the background needed to be in place. Mid way thru, it was edge of the seat and Lee Byung Hun was just stellar. Still as charismatic as ever, his character made the movie interesting. Plot was exciting and even my teen daughters enjoyed the movie. Appeal to all ages. Must watch. Omg I love the quiet place Im so excited. Rear Window on steroids. They've been manipulating you They literally just gave away a spoiler in the trailer that could've been a cool twist/surprised.

Page Transparency See More Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - February 25, 2010. Ashfall full movie free. จะดูเพราะ แพซูจี นิละนางฟ้าชัดๆ. Ashfall free full game. Below my expectations. Suppose the disastrous erruption was kept far way behind the scnene. The core is strongly focus on the "rescue" mission in which i think the emphasis was bluntly executed. The pulling in of the westerner and the Chinese into the play just not adequately boost up the hype to gain excitement. I noticed most of the facial expression in the movie is very "plastic" except for my idol BHLee.


Definitely, going to watch this

This sound is Hans Zimmer. Ashfall free full song. Who is he? HE'S JOHNNNNNN CENAAAAAA. 李秉憲演出角色較有層次 整體是一部好作品👍. Ashfall Free full version. Ashfall free full download. Cool to see these great actors doing an emotional movie like this one, looks good. Ashfall free full version. Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot. Mga negosyante nangarapal ( hindi ko naman nilalahat ) mga karaniwang tao namigay ng libre ( godbless. น่าดูมากครับ. Book 2 Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin 4. 06 · 10142 Ratings · 1070 Reviews · published 2012 · 6 editions It's been over six months since the eruption of… Shelve Ashen Winter Rate it: Book 3 Sunrise by Mike Mullin 4. 25 · 5807 Ratings · 718 Reviews · published 2014 · 6 editions The Yellowstone supervolcano nearly wiped out the… Shelve Sunrise Rate it: Book 4 Blades of Spring by Mike Mullin 4. 60 · 35 Ratings · 4 Reviews · 1 edition Shelve Blades of Spring Rate it:.

Just waiting for the corrupted. Ashfall Free full article. Ashfall free full size. sites/ download-free-ashfall-solar-movies-imdb-id-tt11285908-part-1-157.html





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