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Drama countries: USA description: An escaped slave travels north and has chance encounters with Frederick Douglass and John Brown. Based on the life story of Shields Green 2020. Watch full emperor season. Gorgeous🤘🏼. Watch full emperor day. Watch full emperor movies. 2:46 sepemikiran. This was supposed to be released in January so sorry about the delay. And thank you to everyone who repeated the words TAKE YOUR TIME at me as I slammed my face against the renderbox in panic, it legitimately made the ordeal easier. I also wanted to call this episode The Wholesome One for reasons that'll hopefully become obvious during consumption.

No Kurwa rozpierdol. ここの海外コメは日本文化をとても興味深く見ている人が多いですね.「ヨーロッパの戴冠式と全く違う」と.「美しくシンプルで厳かでエレガント」と.「世界で最も進んだ国が最も古い文化を持っている」「スピードと騒音の現代に静かでゆっくり」だって. でも個人的にもこの静寂さが日本独特なのかなと思いました.茶道や禅のような.時間の流れが変わったようでしたね. Watch the last emperor full movie. Watch full emperor cast. NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL. metal. Nice to see a historically accurate fact on youtube. Watch full emperor episodes. Wonderfull LP. Watch full emperor game.

Watch full emperor youtube. Allies, tell that to the quarter of a billion Japanese who are being radiated by a GE designed reactor that should have never been built on that site. With Allies like that who needs enemies. Watch full emperor's new groove. Watch full emperor tv. Watch full emperor 2. Watch full empire movie. 3:47 bgst gue ngakak bisa bisanya nyambung ke Bandrek si Eko wkwkwkw.

This is the album that made me be into BM in the first place. On my favourites list for eternity.
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From having their cities destroyed by fire bombs and nuclear weapons, to building a global economic powerhouse. Gotta love their spirit to rebuild their country. 😭❤❤❤❤ God his music got me through so much as a kid in middle school im about to be an adult. Thank you Brendon♡♡♡♡. Thank you for the lyrics. hahahha (sarcasm. If it feels good tastes good it must be mine ~ Brendon about toast. What do you mean you're conflicted? You had good points. I love how Uriah is frustrated by the Custodes' inability to argue against him. Watch Full emperor's new. As much as a hate the new trilogy, I aint gonna lie, hearing vaders voice gave me chills. EMPEROR OF THE WORLD. Watch full emperor full. Watch full empire episodes for free.

Watch full emperor vs. 18:22 陛下がお出ましの前に青空が覗く. When my brother listens to The Wanderer, he gets REALLY sad and starts yelling he'd prefer to be born in the 80's (he's from 94. Graduation Groove Full Episode S 2: Ep 31 - 11/20/08 As Kuzco prepares to graduate, he must watch a Emperor orientation video. The video makes him question whether or not he can  lead his people and if he really wants to become the Emperor again. Yzma, needing to make a last-ditch effort to prevent his graduation, decides to prey upon Kuzco's new insecurity. She gives him a potion that will turn him into a chicken forever. He decides to take it, and runs away and accidentally winds up in a Mudka's meat mug manufacturing plant. With Yzma becoming Empress inevitable, Kronk and Malina must find Kuzco and turn him back into a human so he can become Emperor. more less Cornivale S 2: Ep 30 - 11/6/08 It is time for the annual Cornivale celebration and Kuzco wants to avoid it. He fakes being sick and then decides to  head to the beach for the weekend. However, his cab driver annoys him constantly and ends up getting them stranded in the forest and robbed. However, talking with the cab "drive might be just what he needs to realize what is really important. Meanwhile, Yzma disguises herself and joins Pacha's family for Cornivale so that she can turn Kuzco into an ear of corn so that Pacha will eat him. more less Kuzcokazooza/Kuzco's Little Secret S 2: Ep 29 - 10/23/08 Kuzcokazooza: When Malina refuses to go out with him yet again, Kuzco decides that since she likes Dirk Brock so much, he  will become a rock star so she will date him. However, he becomes a huge jerk and forgets all about Malina. He plans to have a huge concert called "Kuzcokazooza". However, since he is not very good no one plans to show up. Kuzco's Little Secret: While golfing, a cute little chinchilla becomes attached to Kuzco, so he decides to keep it. However, Chicha bans all animals from the house, so Kuzco must hide "Fuzzyco" from her. Meanwhile, Malina admits she likes Kuzco, but after talking to Yata, she thinks he has a girlfriend. And while all this is going on Kronk attempts to turn Kuzco into a parrot for Yzma. more less Faking the Grade/Eco Kuzco S 2: Ep 28 - 10/2/08 Faking the Grade: By some kind of miracle, Kuzco gets all A's on his report card, while Chaca gets all D's. This  leads to Kuzco being put in the SD class where he immediately begins to fail miserably in all of the little games the class plays. Meanwhile, Yzma has received some new potions that flip things around giving the opposite of what is already there. However, before she can use it, the potion switches the floor and ceiling causing her and Kronk to become stuck on the ceiling. Eco Kuzco: Yzma is cleaning up her old potions and wants to throw them into the river. Kronk tries to prevent this and make her recycle. However, she tricks him and they end up in the river. This begins turning all of the townspeople into various animals. Meanwhile, Malina is trying to make the school paper more interesting so she can get into KuzCollege, and she may have just found her biggest story yet. more less The Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malinas S 2: Ep 27 - 9/18/08 The Emperor's New Show: Kuzco sits down to read fan letters and finds one saying he should change his show. He does,  but receives yet another letter. It turns out it is Yzma trying to use the new shows as a method to destroy Kuzco. Too Many Malinas: When Malina won't pay attention to him, Kuzco uses Yzma's new machine to separate all of her personalities. He then begins to date "Smoochy Malina". However, when she becomes to clingy he dumps her. This causes all of the Malinas to turn on him and now he and Kronk must find a way to turn them all back into one Malina. more less Groove Remover/Overachiever's Club S 2: Ep 26 - 9/11/08 Groove Remover: When Kuzco begins making fun of many of his classmates, Yzma creates a special soap that will cause Kuzco to  look like the things he is making fun of. All of this happening just as the school has to vote on Hutcoming King and Queen. This makes Kuzco upset as he believes he will lose to Ramon. Overachiever's Club: Kuzco gets detention again. However, knowing the he will enjoy that, Mr. Moleguaco decides to make him join the Overachiever's Club. Meanwhile, Yzma, thinking Kuzco is still in detention, sneaks in there but gets stuck in there when Kronk doesn't recognize her. more less Kronk the Magnificent/Kamp Kuzco S 2: Ep 25 - 8/21/08 Kronk the Magnificent: Yzma's plan to wipe Kuzco out of the Royal Records backfires when Kronk replaces Kuzco on the records after  rescuing the Royal Record Keeper. To repeal this change Kuzco and Yzma team up until the former Emperor-to-be recognizes his chance and turns against her. Kamp Kuzco: Malina and Kuzco attend Kamp Kuzco as tutors for a group of Junior Chipmunks. Soon Kuzco's statements about 'male advantage' lead the tutors to set up a race between the girls and the boys of the group. Through an attempt to ensure the victory of his boys, Kuzco gets himself and the girls lost in the jungle. So now Malina and Kronk have to rescue them and even Yzma uses this opportunity for a further attack on Kuzco. more less Yzbot/The Puma Whisper S 2: Ep 24 - 7/31/08 Yzbot: Yzma leaves for a week to pursue her dream of stardom. Since she can not trust Kronk to keep track of  things, she leaves a robot version of herself to take care of things. When Kuzco turns his homework in late, he finds out that he can get Mr. Moleguaco to look at it if the principal tells him to, so he tries to get Yzbot from Kronk. The Puma Whisper: When Kuzco is attacked by pumas, Pacha saves him, and Kuzco thinks it is because of his amazing dodging skills. When he brags about it at school, Guaca arranges a puma wrestling match for him, but will he be revealed a phony? more less Puff Piece/Take My Advice S 2: Ep 23 - 7/10/08 Puff Piece: Kronk and Kuzco team up together for their school assignment and open a spinach puff stand. Although Kronk's puffs are  a great success Kuzco takes over the team and turns the puff stand into a industrialized restaurant. Finally Kronk quits due to Kuzco's treatment opening his stand again while Kuzco ruins his restaurant. Take My Advice: Yzma has to take her annual royal adviser review and fails because she never advised Kuzco in the last year. She is replaced by Obsessia, a change Kuzco is at first pleased with but shortly her overbearing turns up to be worse then Yzma's plots. Unfortunately, Amzy got fired too and so Yzma left after her unsuccessful efforts to find another job. Kuzco and Kronk follow her to convince the former adviser and hire her back. more less Father O'Mine/Everyone Loves Kuzco S 2: Ep 22 - 6/12/08 Father O'Mine: A man arrives in town that claims to be Kuzco's father. Kuzco, who does not remember his father, immediately thinks  he is telling the truth and the two becomes inseparable. However, everyone else is suspicious of the man, and it turns out that he might not be who he says he is. Everyone Loves Kuzco: Yzma's latest destroy Kuzco scheme may be the best one yet. After realizing that Kuzco pays more attention to girls then school, she has Kronk trick him into taking a potion which makes girls, including Malina, attracted to him. The girls then begin chasing him everywhere, which is more then Kuzco can deal with. more less Malina's Big Break/Hotel Kuzco S 2: Ep 21 - 5/22/08 Malina's Big Break: Malina is stressed out by the preparation for an interview for an internship at the teen magazine Incan Teen.  She asks Kronk and Kuzco for help and they decide to teach her how to relax properly. Hotel Kuzco: Kuzco fakes a termite infection in Pacha's hut to get the permission to live in the palace. Unfortunately Pacha's family and later the whole village move into the now overcrowded palace and Kuzco has to handle all his guests. In the meantime, Yzma uses Kuzco's presence in the palace to try and destroy him and sets up several traps. more less Guaca Rules S 2: Ep 20 - 5/5/08 When Kuzco's class visits the museum, an ancient tablet reveals that Kuzco is not the true heir to the throne, Guaca is!  Guaca immediately takes over the palace and starts to treat even Kuzco unfairly. Yzma decides to take advantage of this and trick him into hiring her as his adviser, however none of her old tricks work on Guaca due to his obsession with Kuzco. Then he demands that Malina become his empress or he will build a store over her house. Kuzco and Malina then decide to seek out a special chalice that will reveal the true heir to the throne. more less Auction Action/The Amazing Kuzco-Man S 2: Ep 19 - 4/21/08 Auction Action: A charity bachelor auction is being held to raise money for charity, and Kuzco, Kronk, and Guaca will all be  in it. When Kuzco insults Malina, she bids for Kronk instead to make him jealous. Kuzco then convinces Yata to bid for him to make Malina jealous. Then the four just happen to end up at the same restaurant for their dates, which turns the jealousy fest into an all out battle. The Amazing Kuzco-Man: Yzma's latest scheme to destroy Kuzco backfires and gives Kuzco superpowers, such as flying and x-ray vision. Kuzco then begins to treat his friends badly. Then, Yzma decides to take matters into her own hands, and gets superpowers of her own, and vows to use them to destroy Kuzco. more less The Good, The Bad, and the Kronk/Mudka's #13 S 2: Ep 18 - 4/7/08 The Good, the Bad, and the Kronk: When Yzma gives Kronk the assignment of disintegrating Kuzco, Kronk consults his shoulder angel and  devil. However, the two of them get into another fight and Kronk tells them to go away. With those two gone, Kronk can no longer make decisions. Yzma then captures his shoulder angel in a cage, and gives the shoulder devil back to Kronk. This causes Kronk to agree with everything the devil says, which causes him to try and disintegrate Kuzco. Mudka's #13: While lost in a storm, Kuzco, Kronk, Malina, and Guaca end up lost in the woods and wind up at Mudka's #13, a supposed cursed restaurant. They decide to stay there until the rain stops, against Kuzco's will. However, soon the secret of the restaurant is revealed when Kuzco wanders into unknown parts of the building. more less Yzma Be Gone/Last Ditch Effort S 2: Ep 17 - 3/24/08 Yzma Be Gone: Following Yzma's latest fail to destroy Kuzco scheme, Kronk convinces Kuzco to finally stand up to Yzma and get  rid of her. Kuzco and Guaca team up to remove everything from her lab, which results in a potion battle between Kuzco and Yzma. Meanwhile, Yzma has promised to take Kronk to Pajama Llama on Ice if he tells her who gave Kuzco the idea to destroy her, which results in Kronk trying to figure out what to do. Last Ditch Effort: Kuzco decides to ditch school for the day. However, it turns out that this will be Kuzco's tenth absence from school, meaning he will be expelled, and his chance of becoming emperor will be forever gone. Malina and Guaca then ditch school to get Kuzco back to school before the final bell. Meanwhile, Yzma learns of this and together her and Kronk try to keep Kuzco away from the school. more less Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma S 2: Ep 16 - 3/3/08 Citizen Kronk: The school is holding elections for a new class Vice-President. Mr. Moleguaco tells Kuzco if he runs an election and  gets elected, he will pass Government. Kuzco them uses a potion to turn himself in Kronk and try and ruin his reputation. The Pajama Llama Dilemma: Kronk enters a contest to win a picnic with his hero Pajama Llama. Kuzco finds the ticket and agrees to give it to Kronk if he becomes his butler. However, Kuzco does not realize that the ticket has an expiration date until it is too late. Now he must find someway to tell Kronk. more less Come Fly With Me/Project Poncho S 2: Ep 15 - 2/4/08 Come Fly With Me: It is Malina's birthday, and she is having a extravagant ceremony called a Bloom Ball to celebrate. Kronk  is going to give her a time travel watch, while Kuzco is going to give her pictures of him. Kronk warns Kuzco to not take over and make the party all about him, but that proves useless as he ends up ruining the party. In order to make things right, Kuzco decides to use Kronk's time-travel watch to go back in time and make things right. Meanwhile, Yzma has put a fly potion in the punch so Kuzco will transform into a fly and she can squash him. Project Poncho: Project Poncho is coming to Kuzco Academy and every student must make a poncho for the contest for their assignment. Kuzco desperately wants to win so he can take Malina on a "romantic getaway" to Lima, so he tries to steal other people's ponchos. After seeing Guaca's poncho, Kuzco convinces him to let him take it. Meanwhile, Yzma also enters the contest, and asks for the help of two silk worms to help her. However, when she refuses to pay, they decide to make a fool out of her. more less Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza S 2: Ep 14 - 1/28/08 Air Kuzco: Kuzco is sick of Kronk getting all the attention, so he decides to join the Inca Ball team. However, his  personality clashes with his teammates as Kuzco thinks he can win the game all by himself. This causes him to become a ball hog, so the Kuzco Academy team begins to lose every game. When the final, most important game of the season comes around, the entire team quits, and leaves Kuzco to play by himself. Kronkenitza: Kuzco's class is assigned to research their family tree. When Kronk asks his father, he discovers that he is actually from Kronkenitza, which causes Kuzco and some other kids at school to make fun of him for being different. Even Yzma wants in on the fun, so Kronk decides to leave and go to Kronkenitza. However, his leaving may not be a good idea, as soon his friends begin to miss him when some terrible things begin to happen. Meanwhile, Yzma's latest destroy Kuzco scheme involves cloning herself to win a contest. more less No Man Is An Island/Vincent Van Guaca S 2: Ep 13 - 1/14/08 No Man Is An Island: Yzma's latest scheme to get rid of Kuzco is a little more simplistic then usual. She decides  to just put him in a box and ship him away. When Kronk sets a trap for Kuzco, he also ends up capturing Malina, and shipping them to a deserted island. While Yzma decides to begin her palace remodeling, Kronk heads to the island to save Malina, and maybe Kuzco. In order to stop Kronk from rescuing Kuzco, Yzma heads to the island. Meanwhile, Malina ends up becoming an idol for the monkeys, who do anything she wants. Kuzco then gets them to worship him, but the two end up being sacrifices to their real idol, a giant monkey. Vincent Van Guaca: Kuzco invites Malina, Kronk, Yata, and Guaca over to play games, where they discover Guaca's "fear" of drawing. His father wants him to be an artist, so he entered him in the art competition to be held the next day. Kuzco hates seeing Guaca so depressed (since he keeps spilling his drinks), so he sneaks into Yzma's lab to find a painting potion. When it turns out that Yzma used the last one, Kuzco must make another one. When he goes to test it at the art fair, his pterodactyl drawing comes to life and takes Guaca's father for a ride! Now it is up to Guaca to save his dad. more less A Giftmas Story S 2: Ep 12 - 12/10/07 Giftmas is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready for the holiday. Malina and Yata go shopping to find Kuzco  some kind of gift he might actually like, while Pacha tells Chaca and Tipo a bedtime story about Papa Santos. However, Kuzco tells them that he does not exist, which fuels Tipo to find proof that he does. Meanwhile, Yzma’s fruitcake plan fails and she comes up with another way to get rid of Kuzco. She makes a game show about him (which he ironically comes in second place) in order for him to win a trip to a ski resort on Mount Reeve. However, the mountain does not have a resort and Kuzco and Kronk end up frozen. Then some gnomes show up and take the two of them to Papa Santos’ ice palace. Kuzco finally believes in him and finds out that he is on the naughty list, which is why his wishes never come true. He then sets out to correct all the wrong things he has done in order to get his wish to be Emperor. Meanwhile, Malina still struggles on what to get Kuzco. more less The Emperor's New Musical S 2: Ep 11 - 12/3/07 Yzma comes up with the ultimate way to prevent Kuzco from graduating! She wastes school funds and the academy goes bankrupted, and  Yzma tries to tear it town. Malina convinces Yzma to give them two days to raise enough money to save the school and she decides to do a musical. The plan seems to be ruined prematurely when no one is good enough to be in it. However, things are saved when Yata manages to get pop superstar Dirk Brock to perform in the musical. Now that Kuzco can't star in the musical, he tries to get rid of Brock (as does Yzma), but his advances could push Malina away from him. more less Mudka's Secret Recipe/The Emperor's New Home School S 2: Ep 10 - 11/19/07 Mudka's Secret Recipe: Yzma's latest scheme to rule the empire includes turning Kuzco into a puma. She plans to slip the puma  potion into Kuzco's Meat Mug since that is the only thing he will eat. However, Kronk refuses to tamper with the recipe, so Yzma breaks into Mudka's and steals the recipe. When Kronk finds out, he and Kuzco head for Major Mudka's hut to get back the secret recipe. At the same time, Kronk and Yata try to get Kuzco to eat healthier. The Emperor's New Home School: When Kuzco complains about going to Kuzco Academy, Mr. Purutu suggests that he does home schooling. Seeing this as his greatest opportunity, he agrees to it. Yzma realizes that she can't get rid of him in he is home schooled, so she decides to use Malina as the bait to get him back by making Ramon her partner on the school trip. Chicha then starts teaching him 24-7, which forces him to want to go back to school, and so he can stop Malina from being with Ramon. more less The Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars S 2: Ep 9 - 11/5/07 The Emperor’s New School Spirit: When Kuzco enters a pep rally, he is disappointed to find out that everyone could care less  about him, and they only want to see the school’s mascot, Victor the Llama. In order to gain more attention, he decides to get rid of Victor. Meanwhile, Yzma is getting prepared for her high school reunion, and is having doubts about going because of the kids who made fun of her. Card Wars: When a new card game becomes the latest craze, Kuzco rushes to get his own set of cards. He then tries to rip off Kronk to get a powerful card, but it turns out that it was he who was ripped off. Now Kuzco will do anything to get the card back. Yzma decides to try and use the card to trade the rights to the throne. Meanwhile, Malina and Yata, who believe they are being mature by not being caught up in the latest fads, start buying all the coolest accessories. more less Curse of the Moon Beast/Aww, Nuts! S 2: Ep 8 - 10/22/07 Curse of the Moon Beast: It is prank day at the school, and Kronk is trying to avoid Kuzco so that he  doesn't fall into another one of his pranks. However Kuzco comes to school acting extremely scared of a "Moon Beast" that he saw the previous night. Kronk and Malina think it is a prank and try to prove Kuzco wrong. Aww, Nuts! : It is time for the annual Nut Festival and Kuzco wants no part of it, so he heads to the river. When Bucky bothers him, he throws a nut which ends up breaking a dam and washing away the festival. He blames it on the squirrels, so the villagers decide to gather up all the squirrels and ship them out of town. Yzma takes advantage of this and uses a pie to turn Kuzco (and accidentally Kronk) into a squirrel. more less A Fair To Remember/Working Girl S 2: Ep 7 - 10/15/07 A Fair to Remember: With the Kuz-Carnival coming up, Kuzco wants to go with Malina so they can go in the tunnel  of love. However, she once again turns him down. This time it is because Ramon asked her to go. Kuzco decides to ruin the date., so he shoves Bucky in their popcorn, sprays Ramon with water, and even puts him into a arena with a hungry bear. But will his tricks work? Working Girl: Kuzco and Malina head to Mudka's to eat. When Malina is displeased with Yata and the overall service, she gets a job and starts to improve their service. However, when her service makes Yata look bad, Mudka Junior, the owner, fires Yata. Now Malina, Kuzco, and Yata have to think of a way to get Yata's job back. more less Kuz-Cop/How Now Sea Cow? S 2: Ep 6 - 9/2/07 Kuz-Cop: When Kuzco refuses to leave the mall, he gets into a chase with Officer Achamare and gets him fired. Since the  mall needs security Kuzco is forced to do it. When the mall gets out of control, Kuzco tries to get Officer Achamare his job back. Meanwhile, Yzma and Kronk plan to break into Kuzco's money vault. How Now Sea Cow? : Malina signs up for the "Save A Manatee Program" and is forced to take care of a manatee at her house. When the manatee, named Doyle, expects her to do all the work and messes up her room along with Kuzco, Malina tries to get rid of Doyle. more less Picture This! /TV or Not TV S 2: Ep 5 - 8/4/07 Picture This! : It is school picture day and Malina is making a big fuss about how her school picture must be perfect.  When her picture ends up being bad, she rounds up all the yearbooks and destroys them. However, she forgets that a yearbook is locked in a Time Capsule in the temple. Now, her, Kuzco, and Kronk must get the yearbook before the temple is locked for 1, 000 years. TV or Not TV: Yzma is to be interviewed by Empress Magazine, and will also give a tour of the palace. However, she must somehow distract everyone. She "invents" the TV and has Kronk become a TV Superstar to have people become couch potatoes while she does the interview. Meanwhile, Kuzco gets jealous of Kronk getting all the attention. more less Demon Llama/Show Me the Monkey S 2: Ep 4 - 7/21/07 Demon Llama: Kuzco thinks that Llama herding looks easy, so Pacha makes him do it for a day. However, the Llamas end  up drinking some of Yzma's potions and are turned into demons. Meanwhile, Kronk, who also had some of the potion, is trying to get a meal at Mudka's, but everyone keeps banning him. Show Me The Monkey: Kuzco is jealous because Ramon is getting so much attention for doing amazing things. Kuzco decides to show him up by climbing up the academy, but when it turns out to be too much for him, he tries to get a monkey with a Kuzco mask to do it. more less Ramon's a Crowd/Guakumentary S 2: Ep 3 - 7/7/07 Ramon's A Crowd: Yzma hires a new foreign exchange student to replace Kronk in her efforts to get rid of Kuzco. Then,  he begins to steal of all Kuzco's "popularity". Kuzco and Kronk decide to get rid of Ramon by throwing him into a pit with a wild animal. Guakumentary: Kuzco decides to made a video about Mr. Moleguaco. He enlists Guaca to help him make the video. Soon the video turns into a mess for Kuzco when he insults Guaca, who thinks Kuzco is his new best friend. more less Cool Summer/Prisoner of Kuzcoban S 2: Ep 2 - 6/30/07 Cool Summer: Kuzco and Pacha's family goes on vacation to the beach. When Kuzco thinks they are taking away his coolness, he  starts hanging out with a girl named Yasmine, who just happens to be a young Yzma in disguise. Prisoner of Kuzcoban: A guy from Kuzco's past comes to get revenge on Kuzco for falsely imprisoning him for breaking Kuzco's statue seven years ago. more less Load More.

Watch full emperor watch. Brb going to church. Watch full empire. Heiyaz, Emprah. Sorry for the casual talk if it's a problem, but I kinda want to cut to the chase instead of going all epic prose here for no reason. With that being said, have you ever heard of some Chapter of Space Marines called The Angry Marines or something? Are they a thing or just some gibberish? Many say that they do exist, claiming that they are Always angry, All the time or something to that effect. Personally, I heard a lot about them, but I've never ever seen any. Hence, I thought why not ask you who would know better. Are these Angry Marines really out there somewhere? Or is this just some Choas talk? Thanks in advance, pal. Hope you get out of that throne sometime soon and show those Choas Gods who's boss. Especially Nurgle, cause he manages to suck more than the others (well, maybe not as much as Slaanesh in that other sen-Getting sidetracked here. That's all. Signed, A traveller from a different world, Bloody Brother Killer (not like f*cking Horus, obviously.

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